Why blogging? Why now?

not a diet graphicI started this blog over 6 years ago. Why did I delete all of my old entries? Well, to be honest, they don’t really apply. It was part of my journey that led me here; however, I feel very different than I was then. I was with my ex for some of those posts, then I was single in others. I am now married, and couldn’t be better in many ways. I have changed my eating so much over the years. I was a vegetarian for twenty some years to be truthful. I have tried eating “Nutritarian,” Weight Watchers, and while I have had some success with all of them–none of them really stuck. Sometimes I wonder why there have always been food parameters to deal with. I can’t quite answer that right now.

I’m not exactly happy with the weight I am now. I don’t feel very healthy.  I am the heaviest I’ve ever been. Others may not notice, but I do.

Upon getting advice from my Naturopathic Doctor, I have begun eating real food (no processed, but healthy fats, lots of veggies…I can’t really remember when I started eating this way. Paleo is probably the closest to the way that I’m eating, so I use a lot of paleo recipes. I really do struggle to stay eating this way though. I have times when I do very well–eating real food and resisting processed stuff that makes me feel crappy. Apparently, I’m trying to heal my leaky guy. I have no idea if it is truly leaky, but I definitely can’t eat the way I used to. I feel horrible when I do. I took a healthy eating course and learned a lot; however, despite knowing what I should do-I wind up right where I am–starting again.

I’m getting tired of starting again. I’m tired of feeling guilty when I stray from what I should be eating. I just want to enjoy life, and I want to be healthy. So now I’m still trying to eat real.

I am currently part of the “Fat Burning Tribe” to see if that will help motivate me as well.

So that’s what has led me here. I’m hoping that this blog will help me feel more accountable. I’m not sure if I want to log my food all of the time. Maybe I’ll try it and see how it goes. I’ll probably just update it when I have time.

I’ve noticed that when I prep my food it goes so much better for me during the week. That being said…I have not prepped for tomorrow’s lunch 😦 ugh.

No one else in my family eats the way I do. In fact, I don’t have any friends that eat this way either. My pantry continues to have food that I shouldn’t eat in it–lots and lots of that food. Sometimes I get tired of resisting.

Breakfast: ate out –Eggs benedict with oj and tea and hashbrowns (with a friend)

Lunch: cooked ham, salad, steamed green beans, and water

snack: iced tea–later some chocolate Easter eggs–was invited to a friend’s house and had a beer and a few small pepperoni sticks

Supper: teriyaki pineapple chicken, roasted veggies, and salad

Not my best food day. That being said, I spent some nice time with friends. Onward and upward tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry if I’m all over the place tonight. I’ve been preparing for a job application that is going in tomorrow for a job I’d really like to have. I’m hoping to get an interview.